When I got home from work E.T. was sitting on my roof. I called around for an answer — my lawyer found that someone had put alien on my property.

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Dear Pun Gents, I’m a real estate agent needing an advertising slogan. It doesn’t have to have my name in it. For example my husband owns a company called salvage world; his slogan is It’s a Steal Not a Deal. It’s catchy and goes with salvage. ~Nancy

  1. Commissionary Position
  2. See you in Sell
  3. Your Best Kept Secret Agent
  4. I Sell Blocks, in Paradise not Prison!
  5. House Music
  6. You Deserve Massive Props
  7. Prop Drop and Roll
  8. Homes On The Range
  9. Home Mama
  10. Don’t Get Hosed, Get Housed
  11. Live Long and Prosper In Your Property
  12. Do The Deed
  13. Your Location Is My Vocation [or Location is my Vocation]
  14. There’s No Place Like Your Home
  15. Never out of Commission
  16. Where Buyers meet Cellars
  17. My Competitors are Roofless
  18. I Always Find a Lot to Love
  19. All’s Well that Ends Dwell
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