Dear Pun Gents, I need a name for a bowling team. The event is St. Patrick’s Day and our team works for a power/electric utility. ~Tricia, Sanford, FL


  1. Lucky Strikes
  2. Leprechauntract Demand
  3. Thunderballs
  4. Power Alleys
  5. Electric Buzzards
  6. Power Delivery
  7. Noah’s Arcs
  8. Fuse to Lose
  9. Hertz So Good
  10. The Family Joules
  11. Lightning Strikes
  12. Natural Monopoly
  13. Spare Power
  14. Split Circuits
  15. Circuits du Solar [Cirque du Soleil]
  16. Thanks for the donation!
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St. Patrick’s Day Puns

Is a tester of Irish beers a Guinness pig?

What do you call an Irish terrorist? Ira.

They call everyone ‘Lynne’ in Ireland. Especially in Dub Lynne.

People in Ireland proudly wear their Celts.

What’s the big Irish university in California? Cel-Tech!

What do Jamaicans say on St. Patty’s Day? “Kiss me, I’m Irie!

What’s a British soldier’s favourite snack? Lick-Irish.

What kind of coffee is served in IRA torture chambers? Irish Scream.

The Dubliner tried to quit drinking, but was Bailey able.

In Ireland do they have underclover cops?

Looking for an Irishman at Tiffany’s? Check the emerald aisle!

Two men accidentally ran over a Dubliner. They got out of the car, looked at the damage and one man said to the other, “Looks like you’ve got a flat Ire!”

There are few disputes in Ireland, because they are always a’green!

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