The favourite music of menstruating women, without a doubt, is rag time. Period. Especially the flowing melodies and  bleed violins of the London Philtamponic, whose works are best played PMSimo.

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During my time as an executioner, I made sure to be head of the game, by acquiring a unique skull set, from the time I was a guillotiney bopper. I got gallowing reviews which was always excellent noose. Even though I hung my clients out to dry (though sometimes I got them stoned) I never faced the firing line. Of course, the work is no longer shocking; these days the business won’t survive without capital injections, which makes me sigh at night. My goal nonetheless is to fill every day with poisonable experiences.

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  • Nickelback to the Future
  • A Tim’s to Kill
  • Brokeback Mountie
  • The Saguenay of Defeat
  • Lord Blackula
  • Kill Bill III: Harper Prorogues Again
  • Dances with Wools
  • Codzilla
  • Arctic Tracy
  • Stop Or My Mom Will Chicoutimi
  • 28 Ehs Later
  • Midnight Cowpie
  • Lifeson is Beautiful
  • Dawn of the Zed
  • Dial M for Mercer
  • The Full Mountie
  • 8000-Mile
  • A Few Good Mansbridges
  • J’Aimes Bonbons
  • A River Runs Through Manitoba
  • Tarsand
  • Rockies 1 through 6
  • Oedipus Rex Murphy
  • Metis the Fockers
  • Dieppe Throat
  • SARS Attacks
  • The Three Muskokateers
  • Apocalypse Snow
  • Pirates of the Caribou
  • Inuit You Did Last Summer
  • Molson City
  • Tron-o
  • Bill Blair Snitch Project
  • Raccoonies
  • The Hunt for Fred MacTober
  • Mr and Mississauga
  • Full Puffy Jacket
  • War of the Squirrels
  • The Boring Identity
  • E.I.
  • Dirty Barrie
  • Canadarmy Of Darkness
  • Alanis vs Predator
  • Ducepption
  • Bloc Quebecois Down
  • Zamboni on the Fourth of July
  • Albertigo
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